Williams Record

  • "The Williams Record is the independent student newspaper of record at Williams College. The paper was founded in 1887 as The Williams Weekly and changed its name in 1904. The Record editorial board is responsible for making all decisions about coverage and content."

    "The weekly paper publishes in broadsheet form on Wednesdays from September through May, except during school breaks and exam periods. The Record covers news and events relevant to campus. Space is also provided for letters to the editor and op-eds written by members of the Williams community."

    - From williamsrecord.com/about

    The Williams College newspaper was renamed from the Williams Weekly when the editors decided to publish the serial as a semi-weekly; thus the Williams Weekly issues nominally form vols. 1-17 of the Williams Record.

    From February, 1970 to February, 1972, Williams College had two student newspapers, the Williams Record and the Williams Advocate. The Record merged with the Williams Advocate to form the Record Advocate in 1972. The paper re-emerged as the Williams Record in 1975.

    Note: the Williams Record website is undergoing maintenance, and may be unavailable until Fall 2018.