Rice House

ca. 1876

Delta Kappa Epsilon moves into the Phillips house which, with Thomas Mole’s house (built 1846) and harness shop, is situated at the corner of Spring and Main Streets on the site of the future Morgan Hall. The Phillips house is described as “an old-fashioned structure having two stories, large high rooms and the customary old-fashioned door and porch. In front was a lawn of some extent, with several grand old trees, while in the rear were large orchards of apple, pear and plum trees. The lower floor was given up entirely to the lounging rooms for the Chapter. Upstairs the senior members, who had the direction of the affairs of the Chapter, had their studies and quarters.” (Plans and exterior of Society Hall at Williams College for Delta Kappa Epsilon (1905), Botsford’s Epsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon (1938), Beers 1876 map)

To make way for Morgan Hall, the College purchases the three properties. The Delta Kappa Epsilon house is joined with Mole’s harness shop and moved to the site of the future Jesup Hall. Richard Austin Rice, newly hired by the College as professor of Modern Languages and Literatures, moves into Rice House. (Adriance’s New Foundations (1940), President’s Report (1882), College Bulletin , Origins in Williamstown (1894))

Because of its proximity to the newly constructed Thompson Physical Laboratory, Rice House is moved to its current location. The College spends $3422.50 to move the house, repair it, and build a new cellar. At the same time, a new road (that will be called Grace Court and later Bank Street) is opened from Spring Street to provide access to the properties located behind the Thompson labs. (President’s Report (1893))

Rice, now called professor of the History of Art and Civilization, retires from Williams and moves to Washington, D.C.

Rice House is occupied by Robert L. Taylor, professor of Romance Languages. (College Bulletin)

ca. 1940
The house is occupied by Richard Newhall, professor of History, and John Roberts, professor of English. (Adriance’s New Foundations (1940))

Willard Dickerson, Assistant Secretary of the Society of Alumni, rents Rice House.

Rice House is occupied by Bob Peck, Chair of the Physical Education Department. In the 1977 College Bulletin , the address is listed as 24 Bank Street.

The house is occupied by Russ Carpenter, Associate Director of Development. (Address books) In 1980, the house is rented by Steve Zottoli, Biology Department. (personal communication)

Rice House serves as student (co-op) housing. (Board of Trustee Minutes (December 1981), Gulielmensian (1983))

The WBSU moves from Mears to Rice House. (Student Handbook (1982, 1983))