Perry, Grace (1858-1937)

Grace Perry was the only daughter of Arthur Latham Perry and Mary Brown (Smedley), and was the eldest of their children.  She was born December 3, 1858.  After attending public schools and helping her mother raise her five brothers, she attended Wellesley College where she graduated in 1881 as the president of her class.

Ms. Perry taught at the Miss Cady School in Connecticut and in Albany at the Albany Girls? Academy.  After her father died in 1905 she returned to Williamstown, where she stayed the remained of her life.  She was a renowned town historian, who also found time to teach at the Northside College Preparatory School.  She was also an avid church member and led many plays and missionary groups.  Grace Perry died in Williamstown on December 29, 1937.

By Patrick J. McCurdy (Class of 2002)