Sayre, Francis B. (1885-1972)

1909 Sayre graduates from Williams College.

1912 Sayre receives law degree from Harvard Law School.

1912 Sayre works with Dr. Wilfred Grenfell (Class of 1909) at his mission in Labrador, New Foundland.

1913 Sayre works as an assistant district attorney in New York.

1913 Sayre marries Jessie Wilson, daughter of President Woodrow Wilson, in November. The wedding takes place at the White House.

1914 Sayre begins work as Assistant to the President of Williams College.

1915 Francis Sayre, Jr. is born in the White House in January.

1916 Sayre creates a course in international law which is funded by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He teaches the course for two years.

1916 Eleanor Sayre is born in March.

1917 Sayre leaves Williams in June to serve in the war effort. He works briefly with the YMCA in France, then accepts a teaching position at Harvard Law School.

1919 Woodrow Wilson Sayre is born.

1923 Sayre is asked to serve as Advisor in Foreign Affairs to the King of Siam.

1925 Sayre is appointed U.S. Ambassador to Siam.

1932 Sayre returns to Harvard to direct the Harvard Institute of Criminal Law.

1933 Jessie Sayre dies suddenly.

1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt appoints Sayre Assistant Secretary of State.

1937 Sayre marries Elizabeth Evans Graves.

1947 Sayre is appointed U.S. representative to the United Nations Trusteeship Council and serves as president.

1952 Sayre retires from public services, returns to the Far East and serves as President of the House of Deputies of the Episcopal Church of America in Japan.

1972 Sayre dies on March 29, 1972.