Clark Hall

Thursday night a portion of the outside wall of Clark hall, on the east side, became loosened by the rain and fell to the ground. Early risers Friday morning were quite surprised to see nearly one-half of the wall from eaves to floor line scattered on the ground. ( North Adams Transcript , 21 March 1896)

Although the college repaired Clark Hall numerous times, the building’s poor construction, coupled with the Geology department’s desire to share a quad with the other sciences, led to the final destruction of the old Clark Hall in 1907.

Clark Hall had been built on Main Street in 1882 near the site of the present Currier Hall. The building, as well as a cabinet of minerals to be housed there, were funded by Edward Clark (Class of 1831), a Williams trustee and president of the Singer Sewing Machine Company. (Robert Sterling Clark, benefactor of the Clark Art Institute, was Edward’s grandson.)