Campus Space and Institutional History


Originally the Home Tea Room (or Home Luncheonette) on Spring Street, the building now known as The Log was renovated to serve as The Alumni House in 1941.  Independent students, excluded from fraternity houses for alumni social activities, were thought to particularly benefit from the new space. Stuart… Continue reading »

Haystack Monument

From the Haystack gathering in 1806 came the impetus for the formation, in 1810, of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (ABCFM).  By mid-century over four dozen Williams graduates were serving as missionaries in the American West, the Middle East, Africa, India and Hawai’i. Continue reading »

Founding of Williams College

1755 On November 11th the will of Ephraim Williams is presented for probate in the court at Northampton, Massachusetts. 1762 Attempts are made by members of the Williams family to found Queens College in Hatfield, Massachusetts. Pressured by Harvard College, which opposes the establishment of a competing institution in the… Continue reading »