Baxter Hall

Ground breaking for Baxter Hall took place on September 13, 1952, and the building was dedicated in February 21, 1954. Named for the James Phinney Baxter III, Class of 1914, who served as president of the College from 1937-1961, the building has served as freshman center, student union and dining hall, while providing office space for student organizations and college departments. Cost to complete the building was 1.5 million dollars.* Perry, Shaw, Hepburn, Kehoe and Dean was the architectural firm responsible for designing the structure.

Renovations to Baxter Hall in 1984/85 involved renovating the first floor area to include new office space for student organizations, a darkroom, xerox, and conference rooms. A new entrance was added to the main level, as well as new lounge and mailroom areas. In addition to the construction of the office and commons areas, the heating and ventilation systems were overhauled, the WCFM studio was refurbished, and a new fire alarm system was installed.

* (approximately 8.9 million in today’s funds, after making allowances for inflation, per the Mutual Fund Service Online)