For Student Groups

Archiving Student Groups and Student Activism at Williams

The College Archives collects and preserves records created by Williams students engaged in student groups and/or student activism.  We seek to gather these important and ephemeral documents- some of which are stored on smartphones, tablets, or in the cloud- before they decay into the ‘digital dust.’

  • By archiving your group's records, you'll ensure that future group members have a resource when they have questions about past events, want to reach out to group alumni for reunions or fundraising, or need historical images. Archiving your work is also good for future researchers who want to know more about student groups and student life on campus.

    See best practices for documenting your history for advice on how to preserve your work for future students.

  • As a leader of a student organization, you might have records that have a place in the College archives.  We can collect and preserve your inactive organizational records: things you don't need to do your daily business or consult infrequently (once a year or less).

    Examples of what we are looking for:

    • Planning documentation
    • Meeting minutes
    • Digital images
    • Videos
    • Posters
    • Websites
    • Social media

We can also work with your group to uncover your history.  Contact us to see if there’s anything in the archives about your organization.

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