How to transfer records to the Archives

If you would like to transfer historical material, department/program files for inactive records storage, or material scheduled to be destroyed please contact us.

For details on what to keep and what to transfer: please refer to your unit’s individual records retention schedule or the College’s General Records Retention Schedule.

If you are an academic unit please refer to the academic unit retention schedule or individualized records retention schedule.

Committees please refer to the committee records retention schedule or your committee’s individualized schedule.

  • The Records Manager will provide you with acid-free, buffered storage cartons (15" X 12.5" X 10"). These are obtained from Hollinger Corp.

  • Fill boxes from front to back. Files kept in hanging folders must be removed from the hanging folders, but the intellectual information on the folder tabs must be retained either on the container list or transferred to new folders as they are placed in the box.  Please clearly label each box with the name of your department/program, and number the boxes consecutively.

    For boxes scheduled for destruction, contact the records manager.

  • Note: this is not necessary for boxes scheduled for destruction.

    1. Create a box and folder inventory.
      1. Example Box and Folder Inventory:

        Box 1
        1. Department meeting, Sept. 1962
        2. Department meeting, Oct. 1962
        3. Definition of the major, 1962-1963

    2. Note any files that should be restricted and, if so, for how long.  (If you have any questions regarding restrictions or the sensitivity of material, please speak with the records manager).
    3. Note any files slated for timed destruction. These may need to be moved to a separate box.
    4. Place the container list for each box in a folder at the beginning of the box to which it pertains. Send the file as an email attachment to the records manager.
  • We will determine whether your cartons will come to the Archives (4th floor of Sawyer Library) or be shipped directly to the Library Shelving Facility.  We will contact you directly regarding shipment of your cartons and time/day of pickup.

Questions? Contact us

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