How to transfer records using Google Drive

How to share materials with records manager using Google Drive:

  1. In your Drive, create top level folder and share with records manager (editor)
  2. Or, if using Shared Drive, add the records manager as a content manager

Refer to your office, department, committee, or unit’s records retention schedule. If you do not have one, please reach out to the records manager. You may also refer to the College’s general records retention schedule and Records Policy.

Create sub-folders in Google Drive based on materials you intend to share with the records manager. The folders you create in Google Drive should reflect the series you create in the records retention schedule. The files you share is determined by the record retention schedule. See example below:

When naming files please refer to our File-Naming Guidelines. PDF is the file format of choice for text documents and MP4 is the preferred format for video. For other formats, review our Supported and Preferred File-Formats document.

When the material is ready for the records manager collect, please notify them via email. Additionally, the records retention schedule may call for annual transfer at a certain time. In this case, the records manager will gather materials at the pre-determined time.

The records manager is always available to meet with you, please reach out if you have questions!