Records Management Program

We’ve all recognized by now that technology has not decreased the amount of information we produce or manage. With the proliferation of documents, images, datasets, etc.- in both hardcopy and electronic formats- questions about managing, accessing, preserving, or destroying information are even more important to answer.

To help us tackle these issues, a Records Management Program developed. The Program comprises a nested set of services that helps members of the Williams community deal with the records they produce and receive. It ensures important documents are preserved, and information that has outlived its usefulness is destroyed in a timely fashion.

The Records Management program assists offices, departments, and individuals in managing records to meet the administrative, financial, legal, and historical needs of Williams by:

  • Developing and training staff and faculty on policies and procedures to comply with College practices and state and federal law
  • Establishing records retention schedules with offices, departments, units, groups, and committees
  • Guiding units with timed records destruction and confidential disposition
  • Managing records coming and going from the Library Shelving Facility and central digital records storage
  • Aiding with personal archiving

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