Licensing Your Work

Copyright and Creative Commons 

As the owner of the copyright in works you have created, you control the rights of distribution, public performance, preparation of derivative works, public display, and reproduction.  We urge you to be clear, when posting or depositing material, which rights you would like to maintain.

Creative Commons (CC)
The goal of Creative Commons is to promote widespread participation in culture by cultivating universal access.  CC allows you to retain copyright, but provides simple licensing that may allow others to copy, re-post, or remix your work.  Applying a Creative Commons license to your material will make it clear immediately what you will, or will not, allow.

Applying a CC license to your material
The process simply requires you to decide what you are comfortable allowing others to do with your material, selecting a CC license that works for you, and displaying the appropriate CC license icon on your site or work, or writing out the terms of your license.

See for a description of the licenses currently available. helps you select a license and provides code to insert the license icon into a web page.