Class visits

Special Collections welcomes dozens of courses to our instruction classrooms each year, facilitating student engagement with primary sources and object-based learning. We are committed to integrating our diverse collections of manuscripts, books, college archives, and other material into the academic life of Williams College.

Our staff is happy to help select material and work with faculty to structure a class. Courses usually visit us for a single, focused, hands-on session, but we have also hosted classes for several weeks (and occasionally an entire Winter Study). We can also reserve key material for students to investigate on their own schedule.

Our main teaching classroom seats 24 students and is fully equipped with a computer and projector; its tables can be configured to suit larger or smaller groups. Also available is a smaller room that accommodates 8 people.

We are also happy to arrange visits for K-12 school groups and other types of tours. For further information, contact us.