Groups, Symbols and Events

Adelphic Union
African-Americans at Williams

Ephs in Major League Baseball (courtesy of the author)

Cane contest
Center for Environmental Studies
Chip day and gravel day
College seal
College smokers
Commencement Archive
Diversity (via the diversitythreadlines project)


Abolition of fraternities
the Beginning of the end (courtesy of the author)

Sigma Phi fraternity, early history
Sigma Phi fire, 1893
Founding of Williams College
Honorary degree recipients (via the President’s Office)

Ivy planting
Lyceum of Natural History
Mountain Day
Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma chapter
Purple cow mascot
Resignation of President Dennett
Sawyer Library construction controversy
“The Mountains” Alma Mater
“The Mountains” (courtesy of the author)
“Yard by yard” (courtesy of the author)
Theft of the Williams Library myth (courtesy of the author)
Watch dropping
Williams College color
Williams Medal and Victory Celebration
Williams plates
Williams College Christian associations