Formatting Your Thesis

  • Title Page & Margins

    Please follow the following formatting guidelines:

    • Title Page: The title page must be in an approved form (see a Word or pdf example).  Note the discipline in which you are receiving honors. For example, you will be receiving honors in Neuroscience even though your advisor is a member of the Psychology Department.
    • Margins: The left-hand margin of the text must be 1.5" or more. If you plan to print your thesis double-sided, make sure to mirror the margins for binding.

    Other margin sizes and formatting proportions are usually determined by each department. You can see examples of theses online, or for Science and Psychology theses, at Schow Science Library.

  • Double-sided Printing

    Formatting for double sided printing:

    1. In Microsoft Word, go to the File Menu and click on Page Layout.
    2. Select Margins and then Custom Margins (at the bottom of the menu).
    3. Set the Top box to 1", the Bottom box to 1", the Inside box to 1.5", and the Outside box to 1".
    4. In the Multiple pages dropdown box, select Mirror margins.
    5. Make sure that the Apply to box is set to Whole document.
    6. Click OK.

    Now the margins will alternate with the inside margin always being 1.5" and the outside margin always being 1".

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